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There’s no doubting the importance of an energetic and enthusiastic workplace. But, sometimes it’s great to take our discussions outside of the office.

In our day-to-day work, we at Azzur take pride in living up to our core values of putting others first, having the courage to take action, and taking personal responsibility for the work that we produce.

To ensure that we and our partners can truly embody our fourth value—Have Fun—we’re hosting networking events throughout the country to bring together our peers throughout the industry.

Whether you’re looking to grow your network or to simply join a colleague for a break from the office, join us for an upcoming Science of Socializing™ happy hour!

SoutheastScience of Socializing - Azzur Training Center
Thursday June 17, 2021 @ Azzur Training Center

Science of Socializing - Azzur Training Center

Azzur's Science of Socializing is coming to Cary, North Carolina on June 17th, and we don't want you to miss it! 
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